Online Marketers SummerFest at Sports Basement

I attended the Online Marketers Summer Fest in San Francisco last week. It was a really nice event held at Sports Basement in Potrero Hill. The party was hosted by eStorm and Efficient Frontier to celebrate a new partnership between the two companies, one in which the companies will be working together synergistically on projects. It will be interesting to follow this relationship. I spent most of the night talking with eStorm Founder, Nancy Riveong and Beer Mistress Extroidinaire Lisa McGuire who worked the Fat Tire (if I remember correctly, yum!) tap all night. I met stop motion animation experts, local consultants, and young entrepreneurs; all great people. And of course, collected some business cards and made some new connects on LinkedIn.

The venue was a nice idea as well. I must say I had never thought of this type of event, although looking back I’m sure this type of marketing mixer is probably not that un-common. Both companies sponsored the party and set up food and libations in one portion of the store (Sports Basement is a large sporting goods store, not a bar) and upon signing in you were given a 15% off coupon to use during your stay in the store. Plus they had a decent dj spinning off to the side. It worked great. They probably should have positioned the food in a little better spot, it was cramped. I mean, having to reach over a huge pile of official Sports Basement trucker caps, and across a table, just to snag a chocolate chip cookie because there are 14 people in front of the food is annoying. But hey, that’s just me…I’m a big guy and I like my chocolate chip cookies to be close.

Online Marketers Summer Fest at Sports Basement - Portero Hill San Francisco, CA

The venue did encourage a lot of shopping from a lot of the attendees. Also, the theme of the party was Summer Fest and the tie in was to do a meet-n-greet and get ready for a safe summer and happy summer. I bought a hat, but not the official Sports Basement trucker hat ;o). I met several interesting people that were very active in the local online marketing space. One thing that was interesting, was that the casual (and retail) environment lent itself to more casual discussion rather than a bunch of Bus. Dev talk. Don’t get me wrong, I like to talk shop, and will do so with passion. But every once in a while it’s nice to just relax, drink a Fat Tire, and get to know people. I think a good time was had by all. Looking forward to the next one guys!