Google Search Bar on Your Mobile Phone

So continuing on a bit further down the mobile road I was cruising on in my last post….I recently downloaded the Google Apps that are available for mobile to my phone. One of the features that I have been using a little is the Google search bar that now sits right in the middle of the home screen on my phone. This makes accessing Google super easy and takes out the annoying steps of connecting to your internet, waiting for your carrier’s boxed environment home page to load, then selecting favorites and going to Google. It even makes it easier than connecting to the internet on a phone with Google set as the home page. You just type in your search and click select on your phone’s keypad and you are instantly taken to a Google (mobile format) SERP (search engine results page). This is a phenomenal application for solving that argument you might have in the cab with your buddy about whether that was Tom Sizemore in that movie you saw last night or Mickey Rourke. It works well on local searches it too, so typing in pizza on your way home could pay off really well for you. (for local search, I have been more impressed lately with MSN’s Live Search for mobile – more on that in another post). But Google knows that the mobile medium is/will be huge and that is why these mobile apps have graduated from the lab in mountain view and are now available to the general public. By getting that Google search bar on my phone’s home screen I bet I shave at least 10sec. of my mobile search time. That almost makes up for the time it takes me to dig the phone out of my pants pocket. At least I’m breaking even!