Syncing Blog Posting to Office 2007? That’s using your noggin!

Just ran across this nice little feature while looking for a document template in Office 07. Pretty handy, if you ask me and I’m also probably just the last in the blogosphere to find out about it. But that’s ok, cause’ this is just the first day! Anyways…you can choose a blank blog posting document and enter your blog service provider info (one time) and you get one button publishing directly from Office. You manage multiple blogs this way as well. Well, howdy do! I wonder how many bloggers out there are publishing the same blog entries to multiple blogs. I guess that is the only way some of these guys can keep up with all the blogging. Yeah, I know, I’ve posted over three times today….what of it?! But that is mostly due to the “newness” of it all, I’m sure.

An SEO comrade of mine tells me that blogs are a great way to build buzz and create publicity during down times between projects, therefore using blogging to essentially keep the momentum and therefore the money rolling in. I’m definitely looking to use this blogging experience to figure out how to make money roll in for me. Or walk in. Or fly in. Or limp in even. What ev! Seriously, it’s really nice and you have all the same features available at WordPress and then some.

And now to test that one button publishing….