I’m good at SEM, I swear!

My associate, Jeff, recently took the Google exam and became a Certified AdWords Professional.  I must admit, that logo they give you looks really cool.   Jeff now has instant credibility when it comes to his ability to market his Google AdWords skills.  As more and more companies (outside of Silicon Valley) realize the cost benefits of ditcing the large media agencies in favor of in-house SEM professionals, that credibility is gonna come in handy.  It reminds me of all the network certifications that you can get from Microsoft or the ASE certified mechanics you see at your local autoshop.  Credibility is one of the many ways you can market yourself as a professional.  Something about that ‘piece of paper.’

As a matter of fact, my 3+ years in SEM may not mean squat if I’m sitting across from a corporate VP of Marketing one day trying to convince him that I know what I’m doing.  He may want to see my ‘piece of paper’.  I mean, afterall, I look for that ASE patch on the mechanic’s shirt whenever I drop my car off for service.  I guess it’s about time I make myself credible.  Plus it irks me that Jeff has it and I don’t….which brings up another trait that will make you succesful…competition!

Amber, over at Hanapin Marketing, left a great post on PPC Hero recently about how to get certified.  The only way I can beat Jeff now is to get certified in Google and Yahoo and MSN.  Certified in all three?  Now that’s credibility!